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The leadership team at Globus Spirits is committed to safeguard the diverse interests of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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Board of Directors

Mr. Joginder Singh Dhamija

Non-Executive & Independent Director

Mr. Joginder Singh Dhamija, aged 75 years, is a Non-Executive and Independent Director of the Company.

He is a B.A. and LLB from Punjab University, and Member, Punjab Civil Services. Mr. Dhamija has about 46 years of experience. He was Member of Punjab Civil Services from 1961 to 1979-1980 during which period he held a number of judicial, executive and administrative assignments.

He was Managing Director, Punjab Tanneries and Chairman, Punjab Footwears Limited, Punjab State Government Undertakings from 1974 to 1979.

He sought premature retirement and joined Tata Exports Ltd. (now Tata International) in 1979 as General Manager and Head of Leather Division at Dewas (Madhya Pradesh).

He moved to the UB Group in 1982 as Chief Executive of their brewery unit, M/s Punjab Breweries. In 1987, he became Senior Vice President and Head of Breweries Division. He retired as President in 1995 and was Advisor, Breweries Division from 1997 to 1997. During this period, he was also the Chairman of various subsidiary companies such as Premier Distilleries Ltd., Palghat; Kesarwal Beverages Ltd., Goad; Kalyani Breweries Ltd., Kalyani; and Director of various other companies of the Group. He was Corporate Advisor, Narang Industries Ltd. and spearheaded their joint venture arrangements with M/s SAB, Johannesburg/London.

Mr. Dhamija later was the Vice Chairman of SAB India (Pvt.) Limited from 1999-2002 and Director, Mysore Breweries Ltd. and PAL Distilleries, Bangalore. Mr. Dhamija was Advisor to the Chairperson of M/s Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd between 2003-05. Between 2005 and 2006, he was Vice Chairman of Bagga Millennium Liquors Private Limited. In September 1995, Mr. Dhamija took charge as President and Head of Business of UB Group’s Beer Division. He was also Member of the Corporate Executive Committee. In 2000, he joined as Director and Vice Chairman of SAB India (South African Breweries) and continued with them till 2004. He was subsequently associated as Advisor to the Chairperson of Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd for two years.

Mr. Dhamija joined Globus Spirits as Director on April 20, 2007.