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About Globus Spirits


Financial Year Event
1993-94 Incorporation of the Company (erstwhile name Globus Agronics Limited)  
1994-95 Set-up first distillery at Samalkha, Haryana with an installed capacity of 14.4 million bulk litres (BL) per annum. First distillery in India with grain processing capability  
1995-96 Set-up second distillery unit at Behror, Rajasthan with an installed capacity of 14.4 million BL per annum
1998-99 Commenced bottling operations at Behror and entered the Rajasthan Indian Made Indian Liquor (IMIL) market. IMIL is also popularly known as Country Liquor  
1999-00 Commenced bottling operations at Samalkha and entered the Haryana IMIL market  
2007-08 Entered into a tie-up with ABD India for bottling of their key brands at Behror, Rajasthan

Entered the Delhi IMIL market

Launched IMFL brands for the first time  
2008-09 Launched Hannibal Legendary, one of our core brands, in the rum segment  
2009-10 Launched Initial Public Offer and listed on stock exchanges (BSE & NSE)  
2010-11 Completed capacity expansion at Samalkha & Behror plants, increasing capacity from 28.8 million bulk litre to 70.0 million bulk litres p.a.

Launched flagship whisky brand, County Club, in six states across India

Entered into a tie-up with Jagatjit Industries for bottling of their popular brands at Samalkha, Haryana
2011-12 Merged Associated Distillers Limited (ADL) with GSL, thereby, increasing total capacities to 84.4 million bulk litres p.a. Launched brand Nimboo in the IMIL segment in Haryana, which became an immediate success