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The leadership team at Globus Spirits is committed to safeguard the diverse interests of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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Key Personnel

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Malik

Senior Vice President - Works

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Malik is a B.Sc and Diploma in Business Management from Meerut University. Mr. Malik has over 29 years of experience in various liquor industries. He started his career with Pilakhni Distilleries & Chemical Works as Chemist, moved to Tilak Nagar Distilleries, Maharashtra in 1975 as Production Superintendent, then to Associated Distilleries Limited as Production Manager-cum-Blender in 1986.

Mr. Malik then joined Globus Spirits at its Behror Unit as General Manager (Works) in May, 1995. Later, he moved to Golden Bottling Limited, Bhiwadi as Vice President in August, 1998. Mr. Malik later rejoined Globus Spirits as Vice President in the year 2000.

Mr. Malik has experience in various functional areas in liquor industries such as controlling fermentation, distillation, secondary distillation for anufacturing ethyl alcohol, extra-neutral alcohol, grain spirit and malt spirit etc. He is adept in the art of blending operations and product development in all varieties such as whisky, rum, brandy, IMFL etc.

Mr. Malik is in-charge of the production facilities of the Company’s Behror unit in Rajasthan.