our Process

At Globus Spirits the process of manufacturing alcohol involves three fundamental ingredients – grain, water and yeast. Of course, there are several other factors that play an important role in creating the final product.

Besides optimum fuel efficiency, the entire process is designed to have minimal impact on the environment. All by-products are re-used, recycled and sold to relevant industries to minimize cost and maximize efficiency at every stage.


The grain is coarsely ground in a mill and the resulting product is called grist.


The Grist is mixed with hot water and the resulting mixture is fed into a mash tub. The mash tub is kept covered to retain the heat and constantly stirred. In this process enzymes act on the starch and convert it to sugar. The resultant mixture is called wort.
The spent grain that remains in the tank at the end of this process is collected in separate containers and dried in a special process and sold as cattle feed. arrow


The wort is cooled to the ideal temperature and activated yeast is added to initiate fermentation. This process produces alcohol and Carbon dioxide. The fermentation process continues for 2-3 days and the resultant alcohol rich mix is called wash.

The Carbon dioxide generated is purified and bottled and then sold to be used in the making of carbonated drinks.arrow


The wash is made to flow into the wash charger and the actual process of distillation is initiated. The fermented wash is conveyed to the still where it is boiled. Since alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water, alcohol vapours are the first to rise to the neck of the still from where they are transferred to a worm tub where they are condensed.

The spirit collected at this stage is called low wine and it goes through yet another process of distillation to yield 95% alcohol.


At Globus Spirits, our master blenders then take over the manufacturing process. The alcohol goes through several stages of testing, blending and tasting to create our signature brands.

Bottling and Packaging

Globus Spirits has made steady progress in building key brands that are becoming increasingly popular in both the IMFL and IMIL segments.

Our revenue streams come from the sale of ENA, IMFL, IMIL, animal feed and carbon dioxide gas