Our Employees are our core strength.

At Globus Spirits, we believe in retaining talented people and providing the right environment for their professional growth.

When you become a part of the Globus Spirits, you become a part of a family where each one motivates the other to grow and achieve greater heights. At Globus Spirits, we work with a shared sense of purpose and vision, and encourage innovation, teamwork and open discussions.

We are looking for individuals who are eager to grow, accept challenges and can bring passion to the table. Our work environment rewards individual initiatives, hard work and a spirit of collaboration.

When we hire people at Globus Spirits, we give them enough scope to grow and develop their careers. Our strong 360˚ business model ensures that our employees get to explore and learn about the alcoholic beverages industry in depth.

Whether you are an experienced applicant or a young graduate, if you enjoy taking up new challenges and have a seeking mind then Globus Spirits is the right place for you.


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